Supporting associates are associations, organizations and individuals that wish to contribute to achieving the goals and objectives of the project. For the duration of the project, they will collaborate with the project team in defining the needs and problems that are faced by users of alternative and augmentative communication technologies. Furthermore, they will take part in proposing, developing or evaluating innovative solutions.
If you wish to join as a supporting associate, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

CeDePe – Association of persons with cerebral palsy and polio Zagreb

CeDePe – Association of persons with cerebral palsy and polio Zagreb is an assotiation that  enables conditions for dignified and quality life, as well as social inclusion by providing social services and promoting rights of children and persons with cerebral palsy and polio. Our vision is SOCIETY OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES.

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Centre for rehabilitation „Ozalj“

Centre for rehabilitation „Ozalj“ provides various services, ranging from accommodation and rehabilitation of persons with intellectual disability, rehabilitation at the daily centre, short-stay treatment (incl. support for children with CCN), expert assistance in families with children with developmental disabilities and educational inclusion aid. The Centre for rehabilitation “Ozalj” is collaborating with Consortium Partners in identifying the capabilities and requirements of persons with CCN.

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Society of disabled people Donji Miholjac

In addition to basic social and health related services, the association is working on the use of ICT in life of people with disabilities as well as networking and communication.

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Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome Association

From the very beginning of its work, WHSA stands for equal rights, equal opportunities for treatment and care for all patients suffering from this rare disease. We want to sensitize the community towards people with WHS, improve health and psycho-social care and to encourage scientific research related to WHS.

Kindergarten "Potočnica"

 Kindergarten "Potočnica" is situated in Vukovar Street 18, near Trešnjevački square. Kindergarten is distinctive in that it has a special bilingual Croatian-Hungarian program for children belonging to the Hungarian national community in Croatia. In 1996 a specialized program of drama kindergarten, derived from the principles of drama pedagogy was launched. In 1998 in kindergarten "Potočnica" special program for preschool children with disabilities began operating, the first such run in a regular kindergarten outside specialized agencies. Then in 2002 the kindergarten starts implementing a program of inclusion - a program for including children with disabilities into regular groups. In 2003 the program of Catholic religious education of preschool children was launched.



 CROZ d.o.o  provides services in financial and public sectors and in other large information systems. As a social responsible company, CROZ donated  development of Android version of Komunikator application.

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