ICT-AAC Memory

ICT-AAC Memory

Application ICT-AAC Memory ("ICT-AAC Pamtilica" in croatian) belongs to a series of applications that are used for fostering the skills required for reading in a fun and attractive way. It is often wrongly believed that mastering letters is the only prerequisite for successful mastery of reading. The concept of phonological awareness, raised through this application, is a key pre-reading skill because children, prior to formal reading lessons, become skilled in identifying, isolating and "handling" areas smaller than words.

The application is intended for all preschoolers who show an interest in reading skills, but also for those who are still in the process of identifying and allocating word letters. Application is based on the symbol usage within the user interface in the form of a network of symbols. Symbols can be paired with words according to the first letter in the word. The application is implemented as a game, most similar to popular memory games.

Furthermore, each symbol is associated with the appropriate text and selecting symbols reproduces the associated sound, i.e. pronunciation. Besides the aforementioned benefits, the application can encourage the adoption of new words and forming letter-voice associations. Depending on the individual needs and capabilities of users, the application enables various setup options (choosing background color, number of couples to show, locking etc.).

The application is developed for operating system Apple iOS version 5.1 or more. You can download it from .App Store




Application poster (in croatian) can be dowloaded by clicking the image below.