ICT-AAC Domino Counter

ICT-AAC Domino brojalica

The ICT-AAC Domino Counter ("ICT-AAC Domino brojalica" in Croatian) application provides the children with developmental disabilities early experiences with definition of quantity and numbers in an easy and attractive way, enriched with appropriate images and sound recordings. Knowledge of quantity is one of the prerequisites for adopting the concept of number and basis for future calculation. In addition to this, the use of ICT-AAC Domino Counter goes from the use in family environment and/or pre-school institutions to use in the initial stage of math teaching in elementary schools. Although ICT-AAC Domino Counter is primarily intended for children with disabilities, the application can also be used by young children of typical development where there is no need for additional professional support.

The application is developed for Android operating system of version 3.1 or more. You can download it from Play Store.

The application helps users to learn about the quantity by using the so-called domino principle - by linking a certain number of symbols with a corresponding number of dots on domino tiles. Within the application, users can learn about quantity by counting symbols or by recognizing the given number. At the beginning, the user is offered to choose between four possible game levels (learning to three, five, seven or ten) and, after that, between two possible game modes (playing with numbers or symbols). Depending on which game mode the user has chosen, tasks in the game are displayed by numbers or by symbols which the user needs to associate with appropriate answers displayed in the form of domino tiles.

The application has settings in which it is possible to choose between different options to customize the interface (e.g. choose between growing and mixed order of the domino tiles, select the number of tasks displaying in one round as well as the number of answers (domino tiles)).


The application poster (in Croatian) can be downloaded by clicking the image below.