ICT-AAC Learning Colors

Učimo mjere

The ICT-AAC Learning Colors ("ICT-AAC Učimo boje" in Croatian) is an interactive application developed as a simple and motivational tool for learning colors. It is primarily intended for children with developmental disabilities, although the application may also be used by typically developing children. The application is designed in a way that aims to create a friendly atmosphere while remaining intuitive and simple to use. Another important characteristic of this application is the use of audiovisual elements that are close to children.

Application consists of four games (Color Recognition, Color Differentitation, Door Unlock, Dominant Color). Complexity of each game varies and covers different aspects of learning colors such as recognizing colors, distinguishing colors, etc. Although each game has a slightly different purpose, in conjunction they form a coherent learning platform that is both enough intuitive and interactive to captivate the players.

This version of application is designed for web browsers and you can try it out here.