ICT-AAC Mathematics

The ICT-AAC Mathematics ("ICT-AAC Matematika" in Croatian) application is applicable and useful in lower grades of elementary school, especially in the second, third and fourth grade when children are introduced to basic mathematical operations (addition and subtraction, multiplication and division).

The application is visually appealing and it allows concrete display of the place and role of the individual digit in the table of place values. It enables all learners to actively learn and acquire new skills, as it is possible to choose the required complexity level of the task, which makes it appropriate for students with difficulties in understanding mathematical generalizations and abstractions as well as those who want to further improve their knowledge. The application allows the student to independently practice assignments related to the written addition and subtraction, multiplication and division up to one hundred, one thousand and one million.

The application is developed for Android operating system of version 4.1 or more. You can download it from Play Store.